Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 49 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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Looking for (female, in gen 6):
Aipom in an Heavy or Fast ball
Love ball Meditite
Level ball Farfetch'd
Love or Lure ball Koffing

Dive ball Lileep (suction cups)
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Hello, I am looking to complete the dex in Lets Go Pikachu. I want to get the shiny charm so I can SR shiny mewtwo with the lure/charm combo odds. I need a koffing+bellsprout for keeps(I can trade grimer+oddish), and I need the three birds+Mewtwo as dex entries(you can have em right back). For this, I would be happy to breed something from my thread in exchange if that's what it takes to get the job done. Thank you.
This might be along shot but, is anyone able to RNG breed a shiny female Impish Magikarp for me (in gen 6)? I'll provide a female parent with the desired spread and ball.
I can trade TSV shinies for it.
New to the forums hope this goes in the right spot never really used a forum before but I have a quite a few codes from GameStop and Target and they are about to expire I was seeing if anyone wanted to trade some hidden ability , breedjeckts or anything like that for a code I have left 2 Hooh/Lugia codes - 10 Reshiram/zekrom and 2 zerazora , can get more codes if anyone wants more then one code stores around my area give them away in stacks sorry if this isn’t in the right spot I’ll delete if it is just let me know


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Is anyone willing to get me a flawless (So 5/6 IV [Att doesn't matter] Magic Guard) Nicknameless Softboiled Clef for gen 6? There's no way for me to get one, so I'd really appreciate it.
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What's the status of RNG/cloning on LGPE? Is there any interest in legit 5 IV good nature mons? I have a good bit from shiny hunting.
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